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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kangaroos in Papua Indonesia

Kangaroos are not only found in Autralia only. It turned out that in Indonesia, precisely in Papua, also has a kangaroo, which has a characteristic spisies pouch on her belly (marsupials). Kangaroos in Papua has a smaller size than the Australian Kangaroos. Unfortunately comprising Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo land and trees are scarce, so including animals (wildlife) Indonesia are protected from extinction.
Kangaroos of Papua consists of two genera of dendrolagus (Tree Kangaroo) and thylogale (Kangaroo Land). Tree kangaroos much of his life there in the tree. Yet these animals are also often fell to the ground, for example when you are looking for drinking water. Muzzle more pointed shape tree kangaroos compared with muzzle kangaroo land. His tail is rather long and rounded, bushy from the base to its tail. While on the ground kangaroo front legs are shorter than the hind legs, paws are even smaller. The snout is rather blunt and not hairy. Its tail is more tapered to the end, not so dense fur.
Kangaroo Land (lau-lau or paunaro):
Thylogale bruniiThylogale brunii (Dusky Pademelon) is the smallest kangaroo species that exist in the world. Weighing between 3-6 pounds, but there is also a 10 pounds. Body length about 90 inches with a width of about 50 centimeters. Protected endangered species is endemic in Papua, and found only in Papua in the area of ​​lowland forests in the southern region of Papua, and Papua New Guinea. In Indonesia there brunii Thylogale include Wasur National Park (District
Thylogale stigmata,
Merauke) and Lorentz Mountain National Park (Timika).
Thylogale stigmata (red-legged pademelon) is a species that live on the south coast of Papua. Thylogale stigmata have a brighter skin color is yellow-brown.
Thylogale browniThylogale brownii (Brown's pademelon). Apart from Papua, these animals are also found in Papua New Guinea.
Tree kangaroo (lau-lau):
Dendrolagus pulcherrimus (Mantel Tree Kangaroos Gold) is a kind of tree kangaroo found only in mountainous jungle island of New Guinea. This species has short fine hairs brown. Neck, cheeks and legs yellowish. The down side is paler colored abdomen with two golden line Dendrolagus pulcherrimusdipunggungnya. Long tail and not prehensil with light circles.
Kangaroos appearance-Mantel-gold tree similar to the Kangaroos Ornamental trees. The difference is the Kangaroo-Mantel-gold tree has a face the color lighter or Pink, golden shoulders, ears white and smaller than kangaroos Ornamental trees. Some experts put the tree kangaroo-Mantel-gold as a subspecies of kangaroo-Ornamental trees.
Mantel-tree-kangaroos gold is one-tree kangaroo species most threatened with extinction among all tree kangaroos. This species has become extinct in most parts of the original habitat
Dendrolagus goodfellowi (called the Goodfellow Tree Kangaroo or ornamental tree kangaroo or Goodfellow's Tree-kangaroo) are the tree kangaroo species most frequently encountered. Flesh-colored
Dendrolagus mbaiso
chocolate brown and is widely available in the rainforest on the island of Papua
Dendrolagus mbaiso (referred to as Tree Kangaroos Mbaiso or Dingiso) kangaroo is found in high montane forest and subalpine scrub at the Peak Sudirman. This tree kangaroo has black fur with a combination of white on the chest.
Dengrolagus dorianus or referred to as the Tree Kangaroo Ndomea or Doria's Tree-kangaroo.
Dendrolagus ursinus (called Vogelkop Tree kangaroo Tree-kangaroo or Nemena) is the earliest tree kangaroo terklasifikasikan. Have long ears and long tail and black.
Dendrolagus dorianus, Dendrolagus ursinus, Dendrolagus inustus
Dendrolagus inustus also known as Tree Kangaroos Wakera or Grizzled Tree-kangaroo.
Dendrolagus stellarum also referred to as the Series's Tree-kangaroo. This tree kangaroos found in Tembagapura.
Classification: Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class: mammals; Infrakelas: marsupials; Order: Diprotodontia; Family: Macropodidae Genus: Dendrolagus and Thylogale

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