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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Assorted Tips II tapped Used Goods

1. Exploiting Mineral Water Bottles Used
Bottles of mineral water (one liter), the former can be used as a place to bowl if you want to take a trip or camping. Way, rinse plastic bottles, then cut the top as much as 1 / 4 part of the total length. Make a vertical incision starting from top left 1 / 4 tall bottles. To place tie, holes in the top of the bottle with a knife, then tie with string in two rows. Bottle bowl is ready for use.
2. Creating a Place of yarn from the Former Piggy bank
Piggy bank unused can be used as ballast for not flying kemanamana. In addition, can also be used as a place of sewing thread. Place the yarn in the piggy bank, then stick out your end of the string out through the hole used to insert money. Besides the practical, where the yarn was unique and neat.
3. Coconut Oil Used for Lubricants
Coconut oil is usually discarded by former housewives. However, the fact still can be used as a lubricant for a squeaky door hinge or a bicycle chain. The trick, apply coconut oil on the squeaky hinge or chain. The door will be safe from the creaking and coconut oil is not much wasted.
4. Anti-Water Layers Book
The book is exposed to water will change his appearance. Moreover, the book's favorite book. To be protected from water, there are several ways to do the book. One way is to rub a candle to the edge of the book until shiny and well coated with the wax. Your books will be protected from water.
5. Benefits of Water Glass Meneral
There are cheap and practical way to decorate the home environment in order to welcome the anniversary of Rl. How, to collect used glasses of mineral water. Next, peel the lid and wash until clean. Paint the glass starting from the bottom with red and white colors are balanced, then dry in the open. Once dry, the holes in the bottom of the glass, then rangkaikan each bottle with a rope or cord fabric cement.
6. Making accessories from secondhand CDs
CD or compact disc damage is usually caused by scratches, exposure to heat, under water, and others. If it were so, the CD can not be used anymore. However, there are creative ideas by using a damaged CD into your car or accessories to decorate any room. How, tied with rope transparent CD (fishing line or kite string), then strapped on the roof terrace of the house. Can also be made as a wall clock or desk. You simply install the engine hours on a CD that is in the paint or decorate with a variety of images.
7. Ball Protector Cars
Tennis balls that are not used can be used to shield the car from the garage wall collisions. How, hang a tennis ball in the garage with a long strap as a boundary marker car must be stopped. Such a marker would be very useful when you enter the car into the garage, especially if your garage is narrow and mediocre.
8. Trimmer & fragrances Table of Tiny Bottles
Tiny bottle that has different colors and various shapes can be directly used as ornaments or decorate the table with the way left just like that. Also, it can also be filled smoothed camphor or air freshener that is cut into small pieces. In addition to the room will be more sweet with the presence of a tiny bottle, the scent of the room will be fragrant.
9. Benefit Perfume Bottle Used as room fragrances
Bottle-shaped perfume bottles can be used to decorate a beautiful room. Way, clean the bottle, then fill again with a softener or an air freshener in cut into small pieces. Leave the bottle open and stacking the tiny bottles in a beautiful container. However, at least once a month you should replace it for the resulting scent stays fresh. Good luck!

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