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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips for Dealing with Short Hair

Whether in the near future you will change your haircut? Be careful, changing haircut can make you change your entire appearance. So do not cut origin. First identify your face shape and habits. After that select the best for you, long or short!
Short hair Suitable for women who:
1) faced or petite
Those who faced little more in line with the short hair style, because long hair will make the face of "sinking".
2) Aggressively into salons and hairdressing
If you have short hair and want to keep a neat hairstyle, you should frequently visit the hair stylist at least once a month. Remember, too, short hair is not always more practical than the long hair!
3) Want to look confident
After changing her hairstyle drastically from long to short, many women who feel more confident, as if they were "born again". So, no wonder many women are choosing to cut her long hair short after suffering a major event in his life (eg, promotion or divorce).
4) Modern Looks
Short hair is styled properly always gave the impression more modern and trendy than the long hair. That's why women with short hair will always be easier to remember than long hair.
5) Nice change
You like to try different hair color? Or you like to try different techniques of straightening or curling? If so, then short hair is the most appropriate choice. Remember, all the chemical processes that potentially cause damage to the hair. Meanwhile, a short haircut can often allow you to cut out the damaged section.

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