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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Meaning Behind the Image of graffiti / sketch doodles Signs Your Soul Expression

Without realizing it, we like fun to make a scribble on the paper which form an image. Apparently it can describe the personality and our feelings are hidden. Want to know more sense of meaning and understanding of graffiti that you created? The result is such as follows below:
- Animals = Reflects how to look at yourself. If the draw means having a personal pet-friendly. Small animals indicates that hidden fear. While reflecting the aggressiveness of wild animals.
- The arrows = arrows to the left means is remembering the past.An arrow to the right means getting ready for the future. An arrow into an object means angry or curious about the object.
- Bird = Having a high power of imagination, full of thought being given, love, and love freedom.
- The boxes and geometric shapes = Personal-organized and a good problem solver.
- Circle = Flesksibel, easy to adapt and adjust. Having a strong faith that has a soul optimistic and never give up.
- Interest = Riang, cheerful, happy to be yourself, enjoy life, and looking for love.
- Currency Symbol = Medium lot of money or did not have any money and expect to have much money.
- Eyes = Reflects way of looking at the world. Small eyes reflect reflections and large eyes indicate suspicion and feelings that are very sensitive
Like earrings exaggerate everything.
- Face with faint color = Attitude alert.
- Face with dark color = dominant but unstable character.
- Giraffes = Want to know how big attraction to the opposite sex, the longer the neck of a giraffe drawn, the more the charm in themselves who want to dig.
- Happy Face = The behavior shown is not in line with a conscience. But this personal pleased to spread the joy around and happy to meet with many people also make friends with anyone.
- Heart of hearts = Lots of love, compassion, and understanding.
- Initials = Ingintahu more about the owner's initials meant.
- Forms are interlocked = Reflects logical thinking and enjoy sharing all things with the people around
- Jagged lines = Medium feel oppressed and angry. If the line is wrapped around an object reflects a sense of revenge. But if the line is coiled tapat above an object means being angry about something
- Kiss = crave love
- Knives = Side hidden aggressive
- Tangled yarn = tangle large circle symbolizes the desire for a menggelnding free lifestyle for granted. A small circle symbolizes tangled feelings of unexpressed anger
- Lips = thin lips and mouth open showing concern reflects the concern and compassion
- Mustache = If liked add a mustache, glasses, or horns on the photo / picture of a person, means being wants to be able to live independently
Money desire to achieve success, strength, and position more than that of the current
- Name = Writing someone's name repeatedly indicate curiosity and attention to the owner name. While graffiti own name along with special design around it symbolizes the search for identity
- Octopus = The symbol of rebirth. Same meaning as profit and the dragon. Can also are feeling bored and uninteresting
- Stone and gravel = Personal humble and have thoughts that life is full of challenges and cobaaan that must be faced.
- Pair = Fear of separation. It can also reflect a balanced perspective between positive and negative aspects
- A question mark = Doubts are always wrap your mind
- Rain = Depression is enough
- Rainbow = Business to reflect the sense of stress and sadness that had been buried
- Star = The figure is optimistic, resilient, and not easily dissolve in disappointment because it has an ambitious and confident nature of the ideals
Upright figure Haus attention
- Sun = Medium pleased and happy
- The lines = pessimists with new ideas and need the motivation of the people closest
- Triangle = Clever arrange everything well
- = Indicates sullen face was not in good mood and a sense of dislike towards others
- Unicorn = Expressing hope and pure feelings
- Vampires = Like taking advantage of others
- Mount = Anger is explosive
- The flow of water = water flow which symbolizes calm, peaceful mood. Sea full of waves rolling signifies fears of disaster
- The small house surrounded by a fence = desire for love, warmth and comfort of a home
- The letter X and O = Personal and serious competitive in the face of life
- Letter Y = Not confident in making decisions
- Figures 0 = The symbol of everything that is contradictory. It could also reflect a feeling worse
- Letter Z = Type hard worker. However, if the letter Z was much meaning in the mood to sleep quickly.

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