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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Breastfeeding Infant of Good and True

Only about 1% of mothers in this world who are unable to provide milk to their babies. Basically, all mothers can breastfeed, but I breastfeed are less precise and the burden just a little thought to inhibit the process of breastfeeding.
>>> Here are tips that can breastfeed without barriers:
1. Preparing mentally
Mental factors are very influential on milk production. Work-hormone oxytocin which betugas give stimulus for the drainage of breast milk is inhibited during maternal stress. Think positively that the milk that will be definitely enough for the baby, so that the hormones aksitoksin be optimal.
2. Maintain cleanliness
Before feeding, washing hands first. Areola and nipple area clean with a clean wet washcloth.
3. Adequate maternal nutrition
Mothers who are breastfeeding should eat a nutritionally balanced diet (containing water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins)
4. The position and infant attachment
Make sure the baby's position when feeding.
Her face was facing the mother's chest. His mouth should also suck in addition to the nipple areola. Attach the baby's body to the mother's body.
5. The frequency and amount
Nutritional content of breast milk is not the same from minute to minute. When you first came out, the composition of the largest water followed by carbohydrates, and proteins, and finally fat. It took about 30 minutes of breastfeeding for infants to get a complete nutritional composition. Move the baby to the breast only if the first breast already feels empty. Give as much milk a baby will. Usually the baby will be hungry within 2-3 hours after the last feeding.

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