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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Positive and Negative Impact Mobile

Progress of mobile technology very rapidly lead to positive andnegative effects for its users, particularly adolescents.

Positive Impact:
1. Facilitate communication.
2. Adding knowledge about the development of technology.
3. Expanding the network of friendship.

Negative Impact:
1. Disruptive Child Development:

With the advanced features available in mobile phone (HP) such as: cameras, games (games) will interfere with adolescents inreceiving lessons in school / on campus. Not infrequently they werebusy with receiving calls, sms, miscall from their friends and evenfrom their own families. Even worse is that use HP to cheat (cheat)in the test. Playing games while teachers / lecturers to explainlessons and so forth. If it is allowed, then the generation that wehope will become slaves to technology.

2. Radiation effects

In addition to the various controversies surrounding the negativeimpact of its use,. the use of HP also have a negative impact onhealth, it helps teens to be more careful and prudent in using orchoosing HP, especially for students of children. If it is not really necessary, should the children should not be given the opportunityto use HP permanently.

3. Vulnerable to crime.

Remember, teenagers and students is one of the main targets ofthe criminals.

4. Very potentially influence adolescent attitudes and behavior.

If there is no control from parents. HP can be used to deployimages containing pornographic elements and so that did notdeserve a student.

5. Extravagance

By having HP, then we will increase spending, especially if the HPis only used for things that are not useful then only that it would be awaste.

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