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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Practical Ways to Fight Fatigue

You are definitely not a manual laborer who works rely on physical labor. Even so, in the afternoon when after work, you feel very tired, exhausted and unseen. Why are you easily tired?

Allegations first course of anemia. Anemia is often termed as â € œkurang darahâ €??, But actually caused by iron deficiency anemia required for the formation of hemoglobin. Lack of hemoglobin would reduce the ability of blood to carry oxygen.

The body will lack the fuel to become tired quickly. If you are not a sufferer of anemia or other blood disorders, it is very likely due to a combination of fatigue unhealthy life style, problems at work, and stress. Then how can I improve my stamina so you do not tire easily?

Consider the following tips:

1. If you want the extra power every day, watch your diet.

- Drink plenty of water. The body is hydrated, not functioning properly.

- Watch out for caffeine. Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and cola may enhance energy, but excessive use will cause problems and decrease your physical performance.

- Always eat breakfast. Residual energy from the dinner will not be sufficient energy needs until noon.

- Consumption of foods containing iron. Women are more at risk for anemia.

2. A common cause of fatigue is lack of sleep or your sleep is not qualified.

- Adequate sleep. Adults need 8 hours of sleep every night.

- Limit caffeine. Caffeinated beverages, especially at night, can make insomnia.

- Learn to relax. Do not think about work before bed, but think about things that please you, if you need to meditate or read a spell.

- Avoid sleeping pills. Are you often sleepy after lunch? The main cause is sleep debt. The body still has the right to sleep that you will not give, and maybe you think it can be replaced with a cup of coffee. Dr. William Dement of Stanford University in the United States, dubbed â € œBapak Tidurâ €? states, sleep debt that must be repaid with extra bed. If not, your body will feel tired and sleepy.

3. Unhealthy lifestyle makes the body not functioning optimally. Do not smoke. Carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. So the smokers will be less energetic than nonperokok. Increase physical activity. Exercise can reduce blood pressure, blood circulation, soothe the mind, and lets you sleep soundly.

4. Psychological factors are often the cause of fatigue

- How to put yourself. How often do you put yourself in the stress that you can actually avoid. Are there any problems that might be the cause of anxiety and depression are protracted. Maybe you need to consult a psychiatrist.

- Practice relaxation and leisure. Anxiety continued to spend energy. Try learning relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga. Modern life is exhausting, so try to relax on the weekends.

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