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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teenagers and Mobile

The presence of mobile phones (mobile phone) or mobile phoneshave changed people's lives. The distance has been accused of being a ringleader of the pinch, no more blocking power. Mostteens today feel themselves highly dependent on mobile phones.According to him, the presence of mobile phone helps ease life,communication. The purpose of ease of living that is what forcedhim to decide to use the phone a few years ago. The reason I'll be able to communicate with ease.
Most of the teens said that the main purpose of using a mobile phone is, "As a communication tool and as a fitting relationship, asentertainment, and did not rule as an additional tool to help in thesmooth business."

It is undeniable again, for those who live in urban areas, in the modern world that demands everything fast-paced and easy, have a cell phone like an inevitability ¬ se. This gap would be a great opportunity for communications companies merauk advantage.They are competing to develop technologies that already exist in order to birth the new products that will fill the market. Throughinnovation, they forced the urban beings fulfill their needs.Technological development would not likely reach the word perfect in the real sense. Therefore, no one ever developed the technologyhas reached the final phase. The innovations and subsequentdiscoveries still follow an achievement that already exist. The process also continues, following the desires, passions, andhuman needs.

One thing that can not be avoided is sure to bring the technologyside effects that affect human life. No matter how small, technologycertainly has the nature of "forcing", make people becomedependent on him.

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